01 September 2009

Un oeuf, des oeufs

I embarked on my first food shopping (mis)adventure today. I had gotten off the bus and realized that I needed to buy food to eat at home and very conveniently an "ED" supermarket appeared around the corner. I stumble inside and am faced with the produce section, but I realized that I had forgotten to get a basket. However, you cannot exit through the entrance and i'm forced to stick my arm through a gate to get one. Classy.

I cannot for the life of me figure out where the plastic bags for the produce are so i forgo fresh produce and venture into the cheese isle. My search for simple shredded cheese for an omlette was fruitless (kind of like my search for fruit, ha). Eventually I find some orange juice and chicken breasts and determine that this sounds good, butter too. I search high and low for eggs and avoid the stock man at all costs, not wanting to ask awkward questions in awkward french, but eventually I give in. "Bonjour monsieur, ou sont les oueufs?" Apparently my question and subsequent mispronouciation of "oeufs" was quite funny and the man laughed as he walked me towards the eggs, which were sold out. Yes, they were sold out of eggs! "A demain" the man said and sent me on my merry way, eggless, denying me of a simple cheese omlette.

I left the store with orange juice, butter and chicken breasts not knowing what the hell i'm going to make for dinner. Soution: going to buy a baguette and eat it with the butter. Thank dieu for boulangeries!


  1. LOVE IT! I have yet to update my blog with my little getting lost adventures...but I will soon.

  2. Oh, yes welcome to the real France where good things run out early....Love the baguette idea! Isn't Charles Michel such a great and friendly neighborhood?! Only thing is that Rue des Bergers is littered with doggie poo from all the little old ladies that roam the streets...