13 September 2009

Communist Parties and Sunday Brunches

This weekend started off like any other, at a wine bar in the 5th with some friends; however, it took a sudden turn for the surprising and awesome.

On Thursday morning I walked into the computer room and was talking to two girls Rachel and Kate who told me that there was a music festival going on this weekend on the outskirts of Paris which was only 20 euros. I quickly looked up the schedule and saw that Manu Chao was playing on Friday night and The Kooks on Saturday night. I promptly bough three tickets for me, Aura and Caroline.

Little did we know that the music festival (La fete de l'humanité) was hosted by the communist party in France. So when we get there all the signs are in red and everything is covered in sickles and hammers. Seriously, it was absolutely hilarous and completely unexpected.

Walking around I stumbled upon a tent sponsored by Peruvians (hopefully ones that DON'T support Sendero Luminoso). I walk in and find that they're selling empanadas. These delicious fried meat filled pieces of heaven made my day. They were just what I needed. I also found a Colombian booth. Sadly they were only selling pork chops, french fries and mojitos, neither of which are particualarly Colombian. Where's the guaro?!

Friday night, Manu Chao was fantastic. They are my musical-linguistic soul-mates, singing in French, Spanish and English. The crowd was an interesting blend of incredibly dirty hippies, really scary intensly punk people, and old people. I also spotted some Spaniards.

The vibe was vastly different on Saturday night. A bit more intense I would say and definitely more crowded. Deep Purple were playing and everyone was excited. I honestly have no idea who they are. I think they're old. The crowd was even more interesting. Since the Kooks were playing there was a gaggle of 15-18 year olds. I swear to god the French youth is incredibly beautiful. I kind of felt old being around them. But since Deep Purple was playing there was also a bagillion adult hippies, including this really interesting couple from "Bar'th'elona".

The Kooks or "Les Kooks" as they called themselves that night, were absolutely fantastic. The show was basically a 200,000 person (approx.) dance party. We left quickly after it was done because my friend Caroline was turning 21.


We celebrated Caroline's birthday in style under the Eiffel Tower as it sparkeled at midnight with champagne and our new Australian friends who were quite the characters (I must make it out there one day). This morning we had the loveliest brunch (aka lunch) on a beautiful cobblestone streat near the école militaire.

I really, truly am having a wonderful time here. I can't remember being this happy and generally excited about life. I feel like i'm completely taking advantage of this incredible city. Now I really have to find some lovely parisians to hang out with.

For now I leave you with my new favorite blog: http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com/ Sponsored by Rose, my new roomie

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