19 May 2010

Welcome Back!

Hello again!

I started this blog last September in an attempt to document my time abroad in Paris. That was a bust on the blogging front, not on the Paris front. I had so much fun that I forgot to ever write in it. Well, i'm back and giving this blogging thing another try.

As a recent graduate, I wanted to find a way to document my post-grad life and find to continue to improve my writing. I know what you're thinking, "using a blog to improve your writing, that's strange." I figure practice makes perfect, and so does feedback, so let me know what you think of my writing and general comma overuse!

I moved back home yesterday. I'm having mixed feeling about it, as I haven't spent more than two weeks at home since August 2006. However, staying in Boston was not an option financially. To be perfectly honest, I can't complain about living in NY city(ish) rent free either. So here I am.

My main priority at the moment is to find a job. An internship would do as well, paid would be preferable. Not wasting any time, I applied to two jobs at Human Rights Watch last night and am sending in another cover letter today for one of their internship programs. I really admire HRW and have used their reports since high school for papers and Model UN. Cross your fingers for me!

OH! A little shout-out to my great friend Ramil who inspired me with his blog: http://ramilgetsajob.blogspot.com/

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