14 October 2010

Cerveza y Siesta

The jamon iberico that hangs in all restaurants and bars.
I honestly for the life of me cannot figure out Spanish eating habits when relate to time.  I can't. 

Growing up in a very Colombian family, my eating habits were shaped by my culture.  I would eat a big breakfast in the morning for school (arepas when I had time, eggos when I was running out the door).  At lunch time I would forego school food and grab a snack.  At three when I got out I would have a huge meal at home.  At night I had another snack (probably arepa #2).

This system, while adjusted at times, particularly during college, has absolutely failed me in Spain.  I just can't get a hold of things.  I'm always hungry during siesta (nap time), but convinced that Spaniards sneak away and actually eat AND nap.  So sneaky. 

From what i've gathered here are my approximate times for eating and drinking in Spain*
7-9 a.m..- Light breakfast, Coffee and Bread (maybe)
11am-12pm- coffee or beer** break (usually the latter)
2-3pm-lunch (I think, i've never actually seen a Spaniard eat a large meal)
6-8-whenever pm-  beer, usually. Tapas, maybe.  Coffee, sometimes, you know for that post-nap lull. This is post-work, post-siesta time when everyone gets together. 
9-10pm- beer and tapas.

All of this is completely thrown for a loop on Saturdays and Sundays.  I walked by a restaurant on Sunday morning (11:30 am-ish) with my roommate Kelly and saw two older men drinking beer and eating ham.  So, when you can't beat them, join them I guess.

* I still really have no idea when it works, I just eat when i'm hungry.  Or if i'm hungry during siesta, I just eat ice cream, one of the few things open.
**It helps that beer is cheaper than water, wine, milk, tea, soda, or juice.

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