13 October 2010

Regreso a el Blogosphere

After a two month hiatus, the blog is finally back.

Things are starting to wind down here in Spain (yeah i'm in Spain now, not Peru, or Colombia, or the US). 
I completely failed at writing the entire time I was in Peru.  While I was there I really just wanted to experience things the as they came.  There wasn't much time for self-reflection and certainly not enough time for blogging.  I'm insanely nostalgic for Cusco at the moment so I might write a bit about my time there in the future.

As I sit in my new and first official apartment as a 'real person,' I'm thinking back on the past year or so and how hectic, crazy, incredible, and wonderful everything has been.  This is the first time since Junior year that I will be living somewhere for more than four months (eight to be exact).  I think if I average it i've moved states/ countries every 2.5 months or so.  I'm certainly not complaining, i've loved and appreciated every moment of it.  However, some stability in the housing department is certainly welcome. 

Summer '09- Boston, NY, Colombia, Peru (Lima, Ayacucho, Cusco)
Fall '09- NY, France (Paris)
Spring '10- Boston
Summer '10- NY, Boston, Colombia, Peru (Cusco)
Fall '10- NY, España (Sevilla)

As great as Sevilla is (although tumultuous at times), I don't feel as if i'm fully here yet.  I've started my job, i've found a place to live, I have roommates, but i'm just not fully emersed.  I think all the moving might be a contributing factor.  Studying in Paris was quite a culture/ language shock.  Peru both times was astounding between adjusting to living in a small city (Ayacucho) and living part time in rural areas outside of Cusco.  All of those instances there were cultural barriers that I had to overcome.

Although I'm feeling appreciative of the lack of cultural shift.  Between starting a new English teaching job with no training and living out of (3) hostels until I found an apartment, culture shock might have been too much to handle. 

So the goal is to make some new friends (3 and counting!), find some Spaniards, eat some tapas adjust to Spanish eating/ napping times (more on that later) an hopefully something will snap and i'll finally feel like i'm actually here. 

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